Ammonium Pentaborate

Ammonium pentaborate is a product resulting from the controlled reaction of ammonia, water and boric acid. It is an alkaline salt and consists of white crystalline granules. Ammonium pentaborate is used where a readily soluble alkali borate is needed or where alkali metals cannot be used. Request a sample.

Applications & Benefits

Technical Powder
SQ Granular

Electrolytic capacitors
Special quality grade ammonium pentaborate is used in the preparation of both wet and dry electrolytic capacitors. It is a component of electrolytes for: (1) developing a thin oxide film on aluminum foil when an electric current is applied; and (2) inserting into an aluminum container during the final assembly of capacitors. Purity of the components (boric acid, borax and ammonium pentaborate) is essential to the production of high quality capacitors.

Corrosion inhibition
Ammonium pentaborate is incorporated in some proprietary water treatment chemicals for corrosion inhibition. It protects ferrous metals against oxidation. Welding/soldering/brazing fluxes Ammonium pentaborate is an excellent solvent for metallic oxides at high temperatures. In the field of metallurgy, it is used in the preparation of special welding, soldering and brazing fluxes for stainless steel or various non-ferrous metals, where alkali borates cannot be used.

Flame proofing
Borates change the oxidation reactions in the combustion of cellulosic materials to cause the formation of carbon residue. This charring action forms a barrier to combustion, and diverts the decomposition products that would alternatively smolder. Ammonium pentaborate solutions can be sprayed on paper or the paper can be dipped into the solutions to yield a fire-retarded product. It can also be used as an ingredient in other flame proofing formulations for cellulosic materials. In polymer applications, Ammonium Pentaborate can be used as an effective flame retardant in epoxy, TPU, urethane foam, etc.

Ammonium pentaborate can be used in gunning and patching compounds for extending the life of basic refractories in steel furnaces, due to its stabilizing effect.



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