REACH Registration Status

Statement on REACH Registration of Borate Substances

U.S. Borax can confirm that certain borate substances manufactured and imported by its relevant legal entities have been registered under REACH ((EC) No. 1907/2006). The registration status is given in the table below. Registrations are for substances only: Mixtures (or preparations) are covered by the registration of the individual component substances.

Please note: These REACH registrations are only applicable for U.S. Borax products sold within Europe. If your company is based outside Europe and exports products containing any of the substances below, then your company must ensure it meets any registration or compliance regulations in Europe. Please contact us for further information to learn how U.S. Borax may be able to assist you.

REACH Registration status

Sustance chemcial name EC number   U.S. Borax products Registration number
Boric acid 233-139-2 Optibor® – all grades 01-2119486683-25-0000
Diboron trioxide 215-125-8 Boric oxide – all grades 01-2119486655-24-0000
Disodium tetraborate, anhydrous 215-540-4 Dehybor® – all grades
Disodium tetraborate pentahydrate 215-540-4 Neobor® – all grades
Disodium tetraborate decahydrate 215-540-4 Borax decahydrate – all grades   01-2119490790-32-0000
Disodium octaborate 234-541-0 Polybor®
Hexaboron dizinc undecaoxide 235-804-2 Firebrake® 500
Firebrake ZB – all grades
Potassium pentaborate 234-371-7 Potassium pentaborate 01-2119970729-20-0000
Dipotassium tetraborate 215-575-5 Potassium tetraborate 01-2119970730-37-0000
Sodium metaborate, anhydrous 231-891-6 Sodium metaborate 8-mol
Sodium metaborate 4-mol
Pentaboron sodium octaoxide 234-522-7 Sodium pentaborate 01-2119970731-35-0000
2-aminoethanol monoester with boric acid  233-829-3 Liquibor® 01-2119557854-26-0002
Diammonium decaborate 234-521-1 Ammonium pentaborate 01-2119970312-43-0001

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