Closer to Home: Borate Distributors Simplify the Supply Chain

:: Thursday, September 10, 2020 :: Posted By Jento Panjikaran
Around the world, manufacturers and industrial producers rely on a trusted, direct relationship with U.S. Borax to ensure a reliable supply of the borate products they use every day.
However, for many organizations, that direct source isn’t always the most efficient. Organizations that operate in remote or hard-to-reach markets may find that shipping direct still means a long transit—even through U.S. Borax’s established global supply chain.
For many producers, a distributor may be able to provide timely access to the products they need in the quantities they require—and provide additional efficiencies to help keep costs under control.

A local resource for the last mile of the borate supply chain

More than 50 distributors worldwide act as a go-between to connect customers to the U.S. Borax products they require, providing efficient logistics and broad solutions at a local level.
Distributors often operate within a limited or specified region and adapt their business operations to that region’s distribution models and requirements. Even in North America, where some distributors have a national presence, product offerings are typically tailored for the needs of customers within local regions.
Because distributors are closer to their local markets, they are also better equipped to understand the needs of individual customers. They provide U.S. Borax with valuable information about local and general market trends, helping us to forecast what products customers will need—and when.

Just in time, bundled efficiencies

Because distributors maintain consistent on-hand stock levels, they can typically fulfill orders with a short lead time, providing a valuable supply source for companies that need borates in lower volume for just-in-time operations. They maintain a steady supply of borates so our customers don’t have to.
In addition, manufacturing and industrial customers that rely on U.S. Borax products naturally also require other products and inputs for their processes. Distributors offer a diverse range of products and solutions, so they are able to provide a “one-stop-shop” solution for many customers.
By combining regular orders, customers may be able to reduce their overall purchase costs through product bundling offers that distributors promote. They may also be able to combine multiple products in a single truckload, reducing their shipping costs. And, distributors often have flexible payment terms for regular customers.

Extensive experience and product knowledge

Distributors work directly with customers in their local markets—and typically live in the regions they serve. That makes them uniquely qualified to recommend the best products for their local users.
Distributors maintain close ties to U.S. Borax, so they always have up-to-date product information. In addition, they often have technical knowledge about product use in a vast array of applications and processes.

The right borate source, directly or locally

U.S. Borax builds strong relationships with our global distribution partners to ensure that customers have a reliable, ready supply of the borates they need—in whatever quantity is the best for their operations.
To connect with a distributor in your region, contact your regional sales manager.





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