My Order

How can I modify my order, including shipment quantity?
U.S. Borax is unable to accommodate same day or next day changes or additions. Orders that are seven (7) days or more out from shipping may be modified. Please contact your customer service representative.
What information is on the order acknowledgement (OA)?
The OA will include:
  • Pick up number
  • Warehouse location
  • Pick up date
  • Delivery date (if U.S. Borax arranged)
  • Material ordered
  • Quantity
  • Pricing and tax (if applicable)
What is your policy on returns?
Contact your regional sales manager to learn what restocking fees are applicable to your return.
What do I do if I receive the wrong product or damaged material?
In the Americas:
For all other regions, visit our customer service page to find your local representative.
Who do I need to talk to if I think I need a pricing credit?
Contact your regional sales manager immediately and if emailing, please copy your customer service representative. You will need your purchase order number, the U.S. Borax sales order number (if you have it), the exact product name, quantity you have in question and the approximate date and location of where and when it shipped. If it is a quality issue, the manufacturing lot numbers will also be needed.
How do I increase my credit limit?
Please contact your regional sales manager to increase your credit limit or set different terms with U.S. Borax.
How do I request my invoices be sent by email?
Contact your customer service representative.
How do I file a formal complaint from my company?
Start with your regional sales manager or customer service representative. If you are a North American customer, you may take our customer satisfaction survey.

Or, you may email us at

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