Sodium Metaborate 4 Mol

Sodium metaborate 4 mol, an alkaline salt with excellent buffering properties, consists of white crystalline granules. The high solubility of sodium metaborate 4 mol can provide a much higher concentration of borate ions in solution than Neobor® borax 5 mol or borax at the same temperature. Request a sample.

Applications & Benefits

Sodium metaborate 4 mol is used as a component of photographic developers and replenishers. Its principal function as a buffering agent is to control the pH within close limits. This is essential both in fine grain black-and-white developers and in ensuring the correct color balance in color developers.

The specific effect of sodium metaborate 4 mol in the preparation of starch and dextrin adhesives is due to the high degree of alkalinity and the crosslinking reaction of borate anions with polyhydroxy groups. The interchain linkage produces an adhesive with increased viscosity, quicker tack and better fluidity properties. These qualities are essential for use in corrugated boxes, paper bags, laminated paper boards, carton/case sealing, gummed tape, and tube winding.

Textile processing
Textiles such as cotton are bleached with hydrogen peroxide solutions which can be stabilized by sodium metaborate. In addition, sodium metaborate neutralizes the acidic oxidation products formed during bleaching. Textile sizing can be controlled by incorporation of the adhesive material within the thread and by binding all the fibers together to increase the tensile strength of the thread. Sodium metaborate is added to the starch adhesives to accomplish these functions.

Detergents and cleaners
Sodium metaborate 4 mol is used in hard surface cleaners to remove oil, grease, rust, scale and other particulates from metal or glass surfaces. The cleaning action is enhanced by the alkaline conditions imparted by sodium metaborate. Sodium metaborate can also be incorporated in liquid laundry detergents for pH control, enzyme stabilization, and its builder properties.

Corrosion inhibition
Sodium metaborate 4 mol is incorporated in many proprietary water treatment chemicals requiring pH control and corrosion inhibition. They are used for protecting central heating systems and cooling towers against corrosion.


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