Polybor® is a multi-functional boron product with a general application in both industrial and consumer products. Polybor® is a mild alkaline salt consisting of a fine white powder that is readily soluble in water. Polybor® dissolves even in cool water to give supersaturated solutions with high boron concentrations.
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Applications & Benefits

Flame proofing
Borates change the oxidation reactions in the combustion of cellulosic materials to cause the formation of carbon residue. This charring action forms a barrier to combustion and diverts the decomposition products that would alternatively smolder. Polybor® is particularly effective in reducing the flammability of cellulosic materials. Applications include treatment of wood composites, cellulose insulation and cotton batting used in mattresses.

Corrosion inhibition
Polybor® is incorporated in aqueous and non-aqueous systems requiring corrosion inhibition, lubrication, or thermal oxidative stabilization and finds use in the manufacture of water treatment chemicals.

Cleaning products
Polybor® is incorporated in many cleaning products to aid in the emulsification of oils and as a soft abrasive. When combined with polyhydroxyl compounds, Polybor® can be used for viscosity control. Polybor® is added to formulations to clean hard surfaces such as metals, glass and ceramics. It is also used as an additive in hand cleaners, polishes and waxes, and industrial/institutional cleaning compounds.


Senior Development Specialist

Fred Ascherl

Fred has worked for Rio Tinto Borates for over 37 years. He currently holds a position as a Senior Development Specialist.