Navigate the CRMA with a Dedicated, Local Partner

:: Thursday, May 2, 2024 :: Posted By Javier Jusué de Olives

To meet the diverse raw materials supply requirements found in the EU Critical Raw Materials Act, manufacturers will undoubtedly need to source from new partners.

Establishing a new relationship that impacts such a critical area of your business isn’t a decision to be made lightly.

We can help your procurement team by asking the right questions about the Critical Raw Materials Act and what it means for your business.

What qualities separate Borax Europe, a subsidiary of U.S. Borax from other boron suppliers in the EU?

Dedicated, local, and responsive customer service

When you have a question or need more information, we’re there. Unlike some other suppliers in the region, we have a dedicated customer service team based in your time zone, enabling us to handle requests in real time. No waiting, just answers.

Plus, each member of our sales, technical marketing, and customer service teams are fluent in multiple languages, eliminating barriers to conversations.

Supplier assessments and product information
Whether it’s equipping you with product documentation, certifications, or safety information, we are known for efficient and thorough interactions. We can help you navigate supplier assessments, providing more background on our business and how we’re finding better ways of operating from an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) perspective.

As a customer-centric raw materials partner, we understand the pressure your procurement team faces and how to support you in meeting tight deadlines. Flexibility and responsiveness are consistently seen as valued characteristics among Borax Europe customers.

Learn more about the customer support we offer

Technical expertise

There is no match for experience. For more than a century, our European operations and global technical marketing teams have provided customers support to advance manufacturing efficiency and finished product quality.

Quality and formulation guidance
We hold ourselves to a higher level of product quality and consistency. At our new lab in Coudekerque we offer robust testing, advanced raw material analysis, and formulation assistance so you can ensure the proper concentration of refined borates for your process.

The technical experts on our team also possess deep industry knowledge, which enables them to recommend the right products, specifications, and address any regulatory requirements unique to your manufacturing environment.

See the additional benefits you can expect from technical support

Logistics leaders
Outside of the lab, U.S. Borax is backed by the expertise and proven success of Rio Tinto’s commercial logistics and distribution system. Rio Tinto is the largest dry bulk shipper in the world.

All Borax Europe sites are strategically positioned to ensure efficient delivery and maximize storage capabilities for a secure and steady supply throughout the EU.

When placing an order, our team works with you to optimize the point of origin, freight modals, and delivery details that meet your needs.

Read more about Rotterdam, a main distribution and operations hub in Europe

Let’s prepare your supply chain for CRMA compliance

The European Union designed the CRMA to ensure long-term stability of critical raw materials supply, while also reducing risks and dependency on imports.

At first glance, it may seem laborious to source borates from a new partner. Fortunately, our team simplifies this process at every touchpoint—from supplier assessment to technical inquiries to sample requests and order fulfilment.

Contact your local sales representative for more details on how CRMA may impact your value chain and boron supply.



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