Borate Technical Support: Formulations and Beyond

:: Thursday, June 4, 2020 :: Posted By Frank Wawrzos
Whether you run a glass manufacturing plant in New York, make lumber products for builders in the Pacific Northwest, or run a nuclear power plant in Prague, U.S. Borax is the right source for the high-quality refined borates you use every day.
But what happens if you need help? With U.S. Borax in your corner, you’re never on your own. Our tech support team is your resource for borate-related technical and laboratory services across every industry. With a rich scientific background paired with practical, global industry knowledge, technical services experts can assist you in:
  • Finding the right borate product for your application
  • Creating the right formulation for your environment
  • Ensuring the right usage for consistency and reliability in your applications
Our team serves organizations around the globe, and we’re ready to partner with you at every step of your process, from ideation to the final product.

Before you buy: Tap into scientific knowledge to choose the right borate product

Even before you purchase our products, our team is ready to assist you with knowledge that goes beyond just the science behind borates. The team includes experts in: We bring a thorough understanding of how those products are going to be used in different industries and myriad applications.
In addition, our experts understand the business of manufacturing, including the operational processes involved in manufacturing products and the specifications and regulations that manufacturers must meet. We know how a given process, temperature, or environment will affect the way borates deliver their benefits.
Armed with that knowledge, the team can help you select the right borate product and type for your particular application. We can provide recommendations to help you narrow down your choices—starting with product samples to test in your formulations. Our sample request form allows you to tell our team about your application and the specific requirements you are seeking so that you can get the right type of product for your test.
Once you receive your sample, let us know if you have questions. Often, the technical support team can cut down on your development time by answering your questions upfront or providing recommendations based on experience in your industry. Developing a partnership at the early stages of your process makes it easier to troubleshoot any issues that may arise down the road.

Dialing-in your borate formulations

When you’re ready to develop a new product or application—or adapt an existing one—turn to us for product and formulation research.
Our Quality Lab, in Boron, California, is the center of the U.S. Borax quality data analysis program. It’s also home to a specialized research lab called the Pilot Plant. Here, our team is continually working on new and innovative uses for borates. Our Pilot Plant scientists assist customers with borate-related formulations for products and processes across industries. This lab can provide a wealth of test data to assist your research or help you by performing laboratory testing.
In addition, the U.S. Borax tech support team works closely with global product stewardship to ensure that customer formulations meet or exceed regional regulatory requirements. They can assist with questions about REACH and EPA compliance for specific product end-uses.

After the sale: An ongoing resource

Our customers choose U.S. Borax products because they know they can rely on their quality and consistency—every bag, every shipment, every time. This is because we apply modern, in-process sampling and quality control practices, as well as rigorous testing of every batch of our finished products.
That quality management system means we have a wealth of data available to help our customers improve outcomes, increase efficiencies, and narrow down potential causes of variations. We can also help you look for ways to adapt to changes in products, processes, or environments.
In addition, our Quality Lab provides packaging verification and traceability, along with Certificates of Analysis, to help customers troubleshoot issues.

Globally trusted, tested, and technically savvy

Regardless of your application and use of borate products, you need a partner you can rely on from start to finish. The technical support team at U.S. Borax is committed to your success, regardless of where you are in the world. Our global teams can provide industry and regulatory guidance across regions and around the world.
Whether you’re a new customer or a long-term partner, turn to us first when you have questions, and we’ll gladly share our knowledge and expertise.



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