Zinc borates are used primarily as a fire retardant synergist in plastics and rubber applications.

Borax is the world’s leading supplier of borates for fire retardant systems. In laboratories at Borax’s  headquarters, our technical support teams can help you develop better performing formulations. We have a wealth of experience in formulations for a variety of resin systems.

Firebrake ZB brings you a multi-purpose synergist that’s not only a flame retardant and anti-arcing agent, but one that suppresses smoke and afterglow, and promotes char formation.Although its applications are extensive and varied, Firebrake ZB is used primarily as a fire retardant synergist, replacing antimony oxide either completely or partially. And in contrast to antimony oxide, Firebrake ZB can also function as a smoke suppressant, afterglow suppressant, and anti-tracking agent.

NOTE: In addition to Firebrake ZB, Borax also offers other borate chemicals such as boric oxide and ammonium pentaborate as fire retardants in polymers.


Senior Development Specialist

Fred Ascherl

Fred has worked for Rio Tinto Borates for over 37 years. He currently holds a position as a Senior Development Specialist.