Supply Reliability

With customers in nearly 100 countries, Borax is a world class leader in distributing industrial minerals.

The purpose of the RTM supply chain team is to safely and ethically deliver the right product, at the right time, for the right cost. Key drivers to accomplish this objective are successful communication, effective relationships, sustainable and safe processes, and dynamic planning, with the ultimate goal of meeting the needs of our customers.

Our distribution experience dates back to the 1880s when our company’s founders pioneered the use of twenty mule teams to haul borates out of Death Valley, California. The twenty mule teams Borax used to haul ore out of the remote desert live on as a symbol of the company’s commitment to supply chain innovation.

  • From its principal mine in Boron, California, Borax supplies the US domestic market primarily by rail, either directly to North American customers or via strategic inventory points.
  • To reach European markets, borates are first shipped by rail to the company’s ship-loading facility in Wilmington, California, in the Port of Los Angeles. The cargo is then loaded onto bulk vessels for shipment to our primary European distribution center in the Netherlands. From there, borates are unloaded, inspected, packed and distributed via rail, barge, vessel or truck. Certain specialty borates are supplied into Europe by containers direct to customers or to stock points.
  • Borax products intended for the Asia Pacific region are moved to market in containers directly to customers or by bulk ship to our strategic stock points in Malaysia and China where products are then packed and shipped to customers.
  • Other international markets are serviced primarily by containers packed in Boron and loaded onto container ships at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.