20 Mule Team in the
2017 Rose Parade

Rio Tinto Borates was excited that their 20 Mule Team was a part of the Rose Parade on January 2, 2017!

For over 100 years, people have celebrated the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. This festival of flowers, music and sports is an internationally recognized New Year’s tradition. This year, the theme, ”Echoes of Success”, celebrated people, institutions and organizations that help others succeed through selfless contributions.

Death Valley Conservancy

The Death Valley Conservancy is a non-profit organization that strives to provide support and funding for projects that preserve, protect or enhance Death Valley Park by improving the Death Valley area’s natural, cultural and historic resources and the visitor experience.

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Dave Engel

Dave Engel has been restoring horse-drawn vehicles and wheelwrights for 38 years and is contributing his expertise to building a full scale, authentic, working replica set of the 20 Mule Team wagons. Engels Coach Shop specializes in the art and craft of the Old West’s lineage and traditions and uploads instructional videos on the daily workings of a carriage shop on his YouTube channel, EngelsCoachShop.

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Dial Soap 20 Mule Team 

In 1988, the Dial Corporation acquired the 20 Mule Team because of the many uses of borates in every day household items. Since 1891, all-natural Borax has been an essential ingredient to a multitude of uses within the household, including laundry and multi-purpose cleaning solution.

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Bobby Tanner

Primary technical consultant Bobby Tanner has over 30 years of experience assembling and operating 20 Mule Teams. He was an integral member for the 20 Mule Team ride in the 1999 Rose Parade, and has been the lead for the 2017 reconstruction effort.


Death Valley National Park – From mining to mecca: An empire in the desert

Stephen T. Mather created the 20 Mule Team brand when he launched his career at the Pacific Coast Borax Company, which became U.S. Borax before being acquired by Rio Tinto in 1967. It was the start of a lucrative business venture, and one that would lead to his ultimate calling — helping to create the National Park Service.

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