U.S. Borax Samples for Product Formulation and Development

:: Thursday, October 1, 2020 :: Posted By Maryam Moravej
Competing in today’s industrial and manufacturing markets requires continuous improvement, innovation, and product development. And, all these activities require testing.
To provide manufacturers and industrial producers with the materials they require for that testing, U.S. Borax provides a comprehensive free borate sampling program. This consultative service enables organizations to acquire small quantities of specific products to ensure they get the right inputs for their formulation and process. Simply complete our sample request form—our sample fulfillment team is ready to help.

Considering a borate sample request?

Organizations across industries and around the world can order borate samples from our full product line. Whether you are a current customer, considering using our products in a new or existing application, or pursuing scientific research, you can request samples in quantities of 0.5 kg, 1 kg, and 2 kg for a variety of purposes:
  • Current customers may want to test a different borate in an existing formulation
  • Customers may need a small quantity of a product they normally purchase so they can conduct lab tests without using materials from production stock
  • Industrial researchers may need samples of a variety of products to fine-tune a product formulation
  • Researchers in academia and commercial labs use samples to work on new applications for borates
Our smaller sample quantities are typically used in lab-scale trials. We can provide samples of multiple products in cases where multiple trials are needed to select the right borate.

What do you need? We can help you find the right borate

Although most industrial and manufacturing product developers come to us with an idea of the product or type of borate they need, you may need confirmation or guidance to ensure you get the right products for your test. The sample fulfillment team can help by consulting with you about your requirements, providing information, and suggesting products and alternatives.
The fulfillment team is a group of experts with diverse technical backgrounds including chemistry, material science, ceramic and glass production, polymer formulations, and metallurgy. The team also has access to other experts across the company.
  • Resources in our production sites in Boron, California, and Coudekerque, France, can help with questions related to quality and production processes.
  • Our product stewardship team provides information about regulations governing the use of borate products in different applications and regions. Product stewardship specialists may also assist with fulfilling sample requests in accordance with local regulations.
  • The professional agronomists in our agriculture team review requests for ag product samples and provide recommendations for product selection and use.

Getting started with your borate sample request

Start the process with our sample request form. Even though you may have a connection to a sales representative, distributor, or account manager, the form is the quickest and most complete way to send your information.
The more information you can provide in the form, the better. Detailed information about your application, process, and the function of the borate in your formulation will help us ensure you get the right borate and provide recommendations for product use.
In addition, if your request is for a new application or potential markets for borates, the information you provide can help us actively assist with your new development. And if your new application might require a large volume of a certain product, communicating with you throughout your development process will help us adapt our product availability, packaging, and shipping to support your production needs.

How are borate samples sent?

When we receive your request and have consulted with you, we send your request to our sample vendor, who maintains small quantities of our products in a centralized North American shipping location. Samples of some specialty borates are sent from our production plant in Coudekerque.
All samples are sent through commercial carrier services, so the packages are trackable. Shipping takes two weeks, on average, and expedited shipping (next day or overnight) is available. Delivery times can be affected by the information you provide in your request. For example, carrier companies require a physical address (not a P.O. box), phone number, and email address. If you are aware of specific customs documents required for your country (eg, proforma invoice, specific packing list, specific customs, or tax ID numbers), let us know in the sample request form as incomplete information may cause customs delays.

Staying in touch: We’re here to support your process

Once you receive your borate product samples, you can count on U.S. Borax to stay in touch and provide product guidance and technical assistance.
Your regional sales manager may proactively reach out to see if you need further support. And, you can always contact us with questions about product use, regulations, and to compare similar products by pricing, supply, packaging, and availability.
U.S. Borax’s product sampling program is the ultimate “try before you buy” experience. The variety of borate samples available, backed by more than a century of expertise, enables you to move your testing and production process ahead with confidence.


U.S. Borax produces and sells bulk borates; we do not sell any consumer borate products. The Dial Corporation acquired U.S. Borax’s consumer products division in 1988, and they were subsequently acquired by Henkel. Under this agreement, we license the use of our trademark. For consumer information, visit their web site at:

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