Industrial Grade Products

Statement on Approved Sale and Use of U.S. Borax Industrial Grade Products

This statement applies to the following industrial grade products produced by U.S. Borax:

  • Borax decahydrate (10 Mol): CAS #1303-96-4
  • Boric oxide, anhydrous boric acid: CAS #1303-86-2
  • Dehybor®, anhydrous Borax: CAS #1330-43-4
  • Neobor®, Borax pentahydrate (5 Mol): CAS #12179-04-3
  • Optibor®, boric acid: CAS #10043-35-3
  • Polybor®, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate: CAS #12280-03-4

*Grades include: powder, granular, fine, technical, TG, and TP

U.S. Borax industrial grade products are not approved in or intended for uses that are strictly regulated. These include but are not limited to direct agriculture use, pesticide use, and pharmaceutical use. It is an offense to use industrial grade products as a replacement for regulated materials. U.S. Borax will not advocate or support the use of borates in conflict with regulatory agencies.

Distributors and end use customers are encouraged to consult our safety data sheet and product label, as well as all applicable regulations and standards, to ensure compliance with all directions of use, caution statements, and product safety laws governing the use of our industrial grade products.

It is incumbent upon distributors and customers to ensure compliance, dependent upon end use. U.S. Borax will not be responsible or liable for any non-compliant or inappropriate use of our products.

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May 2020

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