Congratulations Class of 2022!

:: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 :: Posted By Mary Beth Garrison

U.S. Borax and the Borax Visitor Center Foundation are pleased to announce the 2022 scholarship winners from Boron High School. Joined by my friend and colleague, Sarah Suek, we gave $9,000 in scholarships to four incredibly deserving high school graduates. The annual scholarships are a part of the mission of the U.S. Borax Visitor Center Foundation to serve our local communities.

Earmarked for students graduating from Boron High School, the Foundation receives applications, reviews credentials, interviews candidates, and awards scholarships. This year's winners were thrilled to be honored for their hard work and vision for their futures.

Drum roll please ...

Brandon Aguilar 2022 Boron High School graduateFirst, Brandon Aguilar received $1,500 to help in his aspirations to be a chef. The Culinary School of Los Angeles has a Boron grad ready to sharpen his culinary skills.


Tatum Wiggs 2022 Boron High School graduateTatum Wiggs was given $2,000 to start a new school year across the country in Maine. A community volunteer, her passion for giving back is matched by her passion for life!


Gracynn Hiegel 2022 Boron High School graduateUp next was Gracynn Hiegel, ready to tackle the field of nursing, her poise and character for "caring for others" earned her a $2,500 scholarship check.


Addison Tarrow 2022 Boron High School graduateAnd finally, it was our honor to award Addison Tarrow a scholarship in the amount of $3,000 toward a degree as a registered nurse. Years of caring for a younger brother prompted this young superstar to enter the medical field with an enthusiastic fervor.


These four students earned the top grades in their class, and we are sure they will further their success beyond Boron High!



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