U.S. Borax Becomes an ENERGY STAR Partner

:: Monday, February 19, 2024 :: Posted By Jen Brown

We’re excited to announce U.S. Borax is now officially a certified ENERGY STAR® Partner.

Earning this designation is a noteworthy step in our journey to find better, more energy-efficient ways of operating. We are committed to energy conservation and responsible energy management.


ENERGY STAR is a program under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dedicated to promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. More than 800 manufacturing companies participate in ENERGY STAR.

As part of the program, ENERGY STAR partners commit to:

  • Measuring, tracking, and benchmarking energy performance
  • Developing and implementing a plan to improve energy performance
  • Educating staff and the public about achievements related to ENERGY STAR

Many U.S. Borax customers are ENERGY STAR Partners, which strengthens our ties to companies committed to sustainable practices.

Our decision to become an ENERGY STAR Partner signals our dedication to not only meeting, but exceeding, industry standards in energy conservation.

“U.S. Borax is committed to continually improving our management of energy resources across all sites,” says carbon and climate engineer, Grace Angles. “Doing so reduces both operating costs and related forms of pollution. We’re proud to be part of the network of businesses who have joined with “ENERGY STAR.”

Energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives

Mining has been an energy intensive industry. But new technologies and greater transparency are unlocking opportunities to become more efficient with energy use and management.

The responsible use of energy and resources are central to U.S. Borax’s sustainability approach.

Renewable diesel
Decarbonization is a top priority for our operations. Last year, we achieved a major milestone in becoming the first open pit mine to transition to renewable diesel. This type of fuel is made from 100% sustainably sourced renewable raw materials such as cooking oil and animal fat waste, replacing legacy fossil fuel sources that are energy-and-emissions intensive.

Electric vehicles
At Boron Operations, we have nine electric vehicles for employee use. These vehicles help people onsite complete a wide range of tasks. We are assessing EV expansion in the future.

Improved visibility
Our teams are pursuing innovative solutions to monitor energy use in real-time. Making this information transparent and accessible helps our teams identify areas for improvement.

Continuous improvement

By aligning with ENERGY STAR's energy efficiency standards, we are showcasing a commitment to responsible mining industry practices. We will continue to strengthen this relationship with ENERGY STAR by evaluating ENERGY STAR challenges related to areas such as reducing energy intensity.




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