Challenge 4:

The Constellations

Who has never contemplated the sky around a fire or lying on the grass? What we see up there are the constellations. Constellations have always been an important landmark for travelers, on land or at sea. Did you know that they differ from one hemisphere to another? For this last challenge, observe the stars and try to identify the constellations visible where you live!

Watch the video, and listen carefully to the instructions.

Choose your mission

For the creatives

Make a drawing of our sky including the Big Dipper or another constellation.

For the curious

The constellations of Cassiopeia and the Giraffe resemble a letter of the alphabet. Tell us which one.

For the curious

How many known Constellations are there in the world?
True or false? We always see the same constellations in the north and in the south, throughout the year.
What is the easiest constellation in the northern hemisphere to locate in winter?
What is the name of the North Star?

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