Challenge 1:

The Moon

This week aboard the Spaceship Constellation, your commander Ben Laplante will help you discover Earth's eternal companion. It's hard to miss it when it gets up and shines in our beautiful sky. Billions of years old, it has always fascinated humanity. What is it? The Moon, of course!  

Ready to go on an adventure and discover the wonderful world of the stars under a different eye?

Watch the video, and listen carefully to the instructions.  

Choose your mission

For the creatives

Make a drawing of the Moon or something related to it, like the manned missions to have walked on its ground.

For the curious

What is the name of the first man to walk on the Moon?

For the curious

What is the name of the last man to land on the moon?
What is the name of the last manned spacecraft to land on the moon: and the name of its spacecraft?
What is the name given to the inhabitants of the moon in legends?
What are the number of days for the Moon to orbit the earth?
What is the name of the space program that plans to return the astronauts to the moon?

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