Join Us: Boron 20 Mule Team Days 2017

Celebrating 145 Years of American Innovation

Since the discovery of borates in California’s Death Valley in 1881, Borax has come a long way. Over our 145-year history as a leading supplier of boron, many things have changed, including our company name: Rio Tinto Borates, formerly U.S. Borax. The 20 Mule Team® Borax brand originally became a household name through the radio program “Death Valley Days” which evolved into a TV show (now available on DVD) starring Ronald Reagan. And the boron we mine has been used in everything from soap (sold today through partnership with Henkel Dial) to fertilizers to cell-phone glass. But one thing that’s never changed is our innovative spirit and commitment to our customers, employees, and community.

As the supplier of more than 30 percent of the world’s refined borates supply and operator of the largest open pit mine in California, Rio Tinto Borates is proud of our Boron, California family. We invite you to join us as we celebrate our rich history and bright future at Boron 20 Mule Team Days, October 7, 2017. Meet the new 20 Mule Team that participated in this year’s Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. And help us look forward to many more years of innovative and exciting research, product development, and community partnership.

Dave Engel

Dave Engel has been restoring horse-drawn vehicles and wheelwrights for nearly 40 years. His most recent achievement has been a new full scale, authentic, working replica set of the wagons that will be featured in the 2017 Boron 20 Mule Team Days. Learn more about Engel on his YouTube channel where he features the daily workings of a carriage shop preserving the Old West’s lineage and traditions.

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Death Valley Conservancy

The Death Valley Conservancy (DVC) is a non-profit organization that strives to provide support and funding for projects that preserve, protect or enhance Death Valley Park by improving the Death Valley area’s natural, cultural and historic resources and the visitor experience. The DVC has full responsibility for managing the restoration of sites like Ryan Mining Camp, operated by Pacific Coast Borax from 1915 – 1927.

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Dial Soap 20 Mule Team 

In 1988, the Dial Corporation acquired the 20 Mule Team because of the many uses of borates in every day household items. Since 1891, all-natural Borax has been an essential ingredient to a multitude of uses within the household, including laundry and multi-purpose cleaning solution.

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Death Valley National Park

Stephen T. Mather created the 20 Mule Team brand when he launched his career at the Pacific Coast Borax Company, which became U.S. Borax before being acquired by Rio Tinto in 1967. It was the start of a lucrative business venture, and one that would lead him from mining to his ultimate calling — helping to create the National Park Service.

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