Granubor® 2

20 Mule Team Borax has been providing granular boron for soil applications since 1985. Granubor® 2 is the result of further process research and an up-to-date understanding of the market needs. Request a sample.

Applications & Benefits

Main uses

Incorporation of boron into blended fertilizers to provide an application ready mixture, Granubor® 2 is a white granular boron material produced to meet the stringent requirements of the bulk blended fertilizer industry.

Direct application by farmers where its physical form may present advantages in application, e.g. case of spreading under and around tree and plantation crops.

Granubor® 2 has been developed to improve the soil boron status when this is low or borderline (i.e. less than 0.5ppm) hot water available boron level.

To calculate the amount of Granubor® 2 required, multiply the elemental boron by 7.0

Advantages of Granubor® 2

A natural product
Granubor® 2 is produced solely from sodium tetraborate pentahydrate which is itself refined from tincal ore using only physical means: crushing, steam, water, settling and crystillization. Granubor® 2 contains no impurities or added ingredients, filters or coatings.

A sodium borate
Granubor® 2 is a sodium borate, totally soluble and the most appropriate form to provide boron in a soil solution in a timely manner for annual and perennial crops.

Perfect for blending – compatibility with a wide range of fertilizers
A number of factors affect quality of mixing of fertilizers ingredients when they are blended together such as particle size, weight/density and surface characteristics. By far the most important one is the average size of the granules and how similar this is to the average granule size of the other ingredients in the blend.

Granubor® 2 has an average particle size of around 2.8 mm, making it compatible with most fertilizers with a minimum of segregation in bagging, transport and application.

Perfect for blending – particle size distribution
The particle size distribution is also important in terms of compatibility. Granubor® 2 is screened between -4 and +14 mesh with very little outside these values, and has a uniform particle size distribution similar to commonly used blends of prilled and granulated fertilizers.

While the mean particle size is important, so are the variation particle sizes within the product or the particle spread.