Supporting Sustainable Farming in Indonesia

Joining an ongoing partnership between the “Cocoa Care” program and the IPNI SEAP, Rio Tinto supports sustainable development of smallholder cocoa farming in Indonesia and promotes Good Agriculture Practices and the responsible use of fertilizer nutrients, including the micronutrient boron. This partnership aims to help struggling farmers by involving them in on-farm research about cocoa tree nutrition and sustainable soil management.

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Improved Corn Yields with Granubor® 2

Boron is an essential nutrient for plant growth and development. Rio Tinto Borates participated in independent corn trials during the 2012-14 seasons that investigated the impact of the soluble boron source Granubor® 2 compared to granular ulexite. As a refined granular sodium borate, Granubor® 2 is uniquely able to meet initial boron demands from corn’s early growth, and provide a continued season-long supply of boron.

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RTB Presented at Boron Day Brazil, October 6

On October 6, 2016, Dr. Mark Manning, Director of Agriculture Market Development at U.S. Borax, presented at Boron Day Brazil in Piracicaba. He shared the differences between sources of boron – refined vs. minerals, and present our coffee field trial study from the 2013-2015 growing seasons proving that 100% water soluble borates results in significantly higher yield increases.

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