Storage of Borates in Bulk
Although most borates can be stored in silos, some borates, such as Dehybor, can cake if storage is prolonged, due to the hygroscopic nature of the material. Silo storage of powdered Borax Decahydrate, powdered Neobor and powdered Optibor is not recommended.

Either concrete or mild steel (not recommended for Optibor due to potential corrosion problem) silos may be used. For silos of less than 500 tons capacity, steel construction is possibly the cheaper option. If concrete is preferred it may still be more economical to make the conical section in steel.

Handling of Bagged Products
All bagged borate products should be handled with care. Avoid puncturing any bags while using sharp instruments. A hole in a bag not only results in spillage but may allow moist air to enter which can cause caking. The potential for contaminating the products through punctured bags is also greater.

Borate products are packed in 50 lb. or 25 kg multi-wall kraft paper bags with polyethylene liners. Borates are also available in 2,500 lb. or 1,000 IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Carriers) constructed from white woven 100% polypropylene with or without polyethylene liners.

Storage Life of Borates
If stored under proper conditions, e.g., keeping the container off the floor, away from external heat (temperature < 85°F or 29°C) and humid atmosphere (< 45% relative humidity), a storage life of 3 to 6 years can be expected. Storage for longer periods is not recommended, although in many cases the products will remain free flowing for up to a year. These guidelines apply to granular products and it is desirable to consider shorter storage periods for powdered products.

For all our products with the exception of Optibor and Boric Oxide (Anhydrous Boric Acid), compatible storage materials are paperboard products, glass, concrete, common plastics and metal materials. Because they are mildly corrosive, contact of Optibor and Boric Oxide with mild steel should be avoided. They are, however, compatible with stainless steel and polymer-coated materials.