Health & Safety

Borates are safe

Extensive product safety testing has demonstrated that borates are safe. In fact, Borax Decahydrate – also known as Borax – has been used as a hand soap for years and is neither a skin irritant nor sensitizer associated with allergic reactions.

Borates are part of the natural world, present in water, rocks, soil, plants and people. While their exact role in human health has yet to be determined, their role as essential ingredients in a vast array of products and processes has been established for centuries.

Borates’ versatility lies in their distinct bonding and structural characteristics. In living systems, these characteristics make borates vital to metabolism – the fundamental way in which organisms translate food into energy.

Borates abound in industrial systems as well, for two reasons:

First, they’re safe. Used for centuries, borates pose no risk to people, animals or the environment under normal handling and use. Even people who handle borates every day have experienced no adverse health effects.

Second, they’re versatile. In some applications, there is simply no substitute for borates. In others, their natural functions impart a wide range of performance, cost, environmental, health and safety advantages.