How can I get Material Safety Data Sheets for your products?

Send us an email at rtm.msds@riotinto.com and tell us which product you’re using.

How can I acquire lab samples of your products?

Contact your Regional Sales Manager with details of your interest and proposed application:

Contact Borax

Where can I find consumer products like 20 Mule Team Borax Laundry Booster in my area?

The Dial Corporation acquired U.S. Borax’s consumer products division in 1988 and can help you find these items in your area. You can visit their website at www.20muleteamlaundry.com

Where can I find industrial cleaning products like Boraxo Hand Soap in my area?

The Dial Corporation manufactures and distributes these products and can help you find them in your area. You can visit their website at www.dialprofessional.com

Where can I find Tim-bor® Professional?

Please contact the Nisus Corporation at www.nisuscorp.com

Where can I find Tim-bor® Industrial (Wood Preservative)?

Please contact Osmose/Blue Star Ventures at www.osmosewood.com

Is borax or boric acid safe for home uses, including crafts, pest control, and personal care products? What should I know about diverting wash water to my garden?

Please email us at rtmproductstewardship@riotinto.com with your specific application and information needs.

Can I use borates for food preservatives or for flea control?

Borax’s borate products are not intended for use in food applications and are labeled accordingly. Therefore, our borate products shall not be used as (or to manufacture) food additives or preservatives.

U.S. Borax does not sell any product into the borate/borax flea control or carpet application businesses. In keeping with our product stewardship commitment to our customers, we recommend against the use of borate products for carpet applications. These applications include boric acid, borax or other borate-containing products intended for use on carpets as deodorizers or flea control agents.

These carpet-use patterns are different from all other borate product uses in that they present the opportunity for small children or pets to ingest borates directly from the carpets. It is not feasible to assess the extent of exposure to children and pets under all possible scenarios, due to the variety of parameters that determine exposure from carpets (e.g. variation in carpet type, borate product type, application method and rate, vacuum efficiency and frequency, and individual behavioral patterns of children or pets). Without adequate exposure information, U.S. Borax cannot determine the level of risk that may result from carpet-use patterns; therefore, we do not support the use of borate products for carpet flea control applications by anyone, especially consumers.

It should also be recognized that any compound used for the purpose of mitigating “pests” is considered to be a “pesticide” which is regulated by state and federal authorities (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

In the U.S., what Food & Drug Administration approvals do you have for your products? Can you help me register my product with the Environmental Protection Agency?

Send us an email at rtmproductstewardship@riotinto.com with details about your needs and interests.

Can I buy borates for flame retardant, wood preservative, insecticide/pesticide or agricultural end uses?

Perhaps. To see about ordering these products, click here to contact your regional sales manager.

Whom do I contact if there is something wrong with my shipment?

For non-emergencies contact Customer Service at (800) USBORAX (872-6729). For emergencies dial (800) 228-5635 extension 144.

Does Borax still make Twenty Mule Team hobby kits?

These model kits originated as a promotional program for 20 Mule Team Borax in 1954. They were discontinued, but new kits have recently gone into production. Please visit www.muleteamkits.com for information about the new model kits.

How much is my historic Borax artifact worth?

While we’re proud of our heritage, we do not maintain records of the value of Borax posters, model kits, advertising, photography or other memorabilia.

Any other questions? Please contact us at minerals.communications@riotinto.com

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