Fertibor® is a white free flowing granular material which is highly soluble without residue.

These characteristics make Fertibor® a versatile source of elemental boron in solid, liquid or suspension fertilisers, and for direct application to the soil. Request a sample.

Applications & Benefits

Main uses

Manufacture of solid, liquid and suspension compound fertilisers

Coating of compound or blended materials

Manufacture of liquid micronutrient formulations

Direct soil application to correct deficiency in some perennial plantation crops

Incorporation into solid growing media or composts

Easy handling
Fertibor® granules are free flowing and easily handled by pneumatic or mechanical means — a valuable property in the manufacture of granulated compound fertilisers. Flowability and consistency of particle size means that Fertibor® can be added directly to suspension fertilizers.

Highly soluble
Fertibor® is highly soluble — a feature valued in a number of incorporation processes including fertiliser coating.

Highly consistent
The consistent particle size of Fertibor® renders it ideal for use as a micronutrient supplement to crops, particularly perennials, where mechanical application methods (e.g. fertiliser spreading or spraying) may be difficult or inappropriate.