Key Facts

Key Facts About Borax:

  • Operates California's largest open pit mine in Boron, California
  • One of two world-class borate deposits on planet
  • Supplies nearly half the world's demand for industrial borates
  • Serves customers in nearly 100 countries
  • Celebrated 140 years of continuous business in California in 2011
  • Part of London-based Rio Tinto


Key Facts About Borates:

  • Borates are minerals containing boron, the fifth element on Periodic Table.
  • Trace amounts of borates exist in rock, soil, water, plants and people.
  • Boron-containing ores are among the rarest minerals in the world.
  • Borates are essential micronutrients for plants, and part of a healthy human diet.
  • A variety of household and commercial products contain borates.


Where is Borax Located?

In California, Borax operates its principal mine and refinery in Boron; a refinery and shipping terminal in the Port of Los Angeles; and a trona mine in Owens Lake. Its global headquarters is in Denver, Colorado. The worldwide organization includes a laboratory facility in Suzhou, China; a distribution and packaging facility in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; a refinery and distribution facility in Coudekerque, France; a packaging and distribution facility in Nules, Spain; and sales and customer service centers around the world.